BCX DevSuitePro 1.47

This program is a quick start installation program for 1st time users of BCX.

Features include:
BCX v.6.9.9
PellesC v7.00.350    C Compiler
Programmers Notepad. v2.3.4    Code Editor
JFE Editor. v3.90 (secondary editor) Code Editor
BMFD v1.03.10     Form Designer
BCX Tray v2    Tray App

100's of demos for Console, GUI, DLL and more.

This was originally made by Ryan Pusztai and the project was taken over by myself in 2010

I have only had time to update the version of BCX,  PellesC and Programmer's Notepad.
I did check all the GUI Demos using Win7, and made some changes where necessary.
N.B. Some will work on a desktop but fail on a laptop.

BCX DevSuitePro Version 1.47 is here