bc9Basic Downloads

bc9Adp is the full Application Development Package for bc9Basic. Included in the package is a version of KetilO's outstanding IDE RadASM3, which was slightly tweaked for bc9Basic.
Note: bc9Adp is compressed with 7-zip

Tiny C is my Tiny C 09.26 directory with a number of added libraries.

c/c++ compilers

You will of course need a c or a c++ compiler to create an application or library from your translated source. All of the ones in the list to the left have been tested by me and in most cases work well.
A "c" compiler that will produce both 32 and 64 bit applications or libraries.
Borland 5.5
A free c++ compiler from Embarcadero that is a bit quirky but the batch file helps to overcome some of the problems.
Visual C++
I did not test with a Visual Studio set up, only the Win7 SDK
This is the one I used to primarily use . It is not up to date with current c++11 specs. The link is to the web set-up app.
nuwen MinGW
A full featured distro from a microsoft employee. Very good with many included libraries. Both 32bit (ver 10.4) and 64bit (11.2).
The most up to date distro with both 32/64 compilers. The link is to a set-up app. See the bc9Basic ReadMe.txt file for more info.

bc9Basic downloads