bc9Basic is a computer programming language that converts basic syntax source code to c/c++ source ready to be compiled into machine code by a number of c/c++ compilers. It is a direct decendant of BCX. The initial reason bc9Basic came into existance was the inability of BCX to create iso/ansi standard "c" source code. The early on BCX decision to use optional parameters in Function/Subs itself was not a major problem, but the use of them in BCX runtime functions means only two "c" compilers can compile the translated "c" code: LCC and PellesC. I converted all the BCX library routines to standard calls with no optional parameters. bc9Basic with the included batch files can create 32 or 64 bit applications / Dll's with the same source by using -m32 or -m64 when translated.
Although bc9Basic is a windows only host it can produce source for linux (-nix) and most other OS's using (-xinc) where the user is responsible for all the #include files needed.
bc9Basic is mostly compatable with recent (6.5+) versions of BCX except for the chr$() function. It has the added ability to create "c" code that can be compiled with gcc, tcc or any other iso/ansi compliant compiler.
I do not recommend bc9Basic to anyone just starting out in programming. Users really should have the ability to read and understand a bit of c/c++, although it can be used as a teaching tool to see resulting "c" from basic source.

Acknowledgements & Accolades

There would be no bc9Basic without all the gifted programmers who came before. Peruse the source for the many who have contributed to this project. First I want to sing praises of the creator Kevin Diggins.
Next there are the keepers of the current BCX, located in the files section of the Yahoo BCX Group: Help File, Robert Wishlaw and source code Wayne Halsdorf. Note the BCX link contains a much earlier version (6.1.6) than the one at the Yahoo BCX Group. I especially want to thank Wayne for all the c++ support he added. I also want to thank Derek and the other administrators at BasicProgramming.Org for providing an area for bc9Basic discussion.

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