First time Download: (Updated 11/11/2019):

BCXOLR with latest BCXOLR Explorer 1.07.03, SciLexar.dll, Help file and the last message files (Msgs30kto40k.mdb & Msgs40kt050k.mdb) and AllSnips file.
This does not have an installer, so extract to your folder of choice, add the other DB's you want to the same folder or sub-folder, add a desktop link and run the files.
I have only added the most recent message file, the others can be downloaded from the links below, you may need to add them manually in the  Manage DB files menu item.
Download and run Updater.zip  11/11/2019 , copy to BCXOLR folder then run it to get the latest files. You can also access it from inside BCXOLR from the config menu.

NEW BCXOLR -BCX Basic Coders Forum Posts 8/14//2022   ForumPosts.zip   ForumPosts.7z   ForumPosts.rar

BCXOLR - Package.zip - 5.11 MB 11/11/19

Latest Updates:

NEW!   12/20/20 :  all_Snips.zipall_Snips.7zall_Snips.rar

  11/11/19 :  Added updates option- download BCXOLR_Updater and extract to the same folder as BCXOLR and then run it. Use the Check for updates menu option in Config menu.
Use the updater.exe on older versions to get the latest. This includes the freeware file Unzip.exe from PKWare, the license is in the BCXOLR help file.
Add both the updater and unzip to the root BCXOLR folder.
         Updater.zip   11/11/2019     

  Msgs40kto50k,zip, Msgs40kto50k.7zMsgs40kto50k.rar

  9/7/09 :  Msgs30kto40k.zipMsgs30kto40k.7zMsgs30kto40k.rar

Database Viewer:
  BCXOLR Explorer 1.07 Latest update 3/2/2012
        Added Updater menu item
        Some bug fixes

  BCXOLR Explorer 1.06 Last update 1/31/2010
        Added re-arranging the databases in DB Manager
        Some bug fixes
        Known bug, if a DB is not used then move it to the bottom of the list in DB Manager, it can cause problems when editing. 

 BCXOLR Explorer 1.05a  Last update 10/1/08
        Added Context menu in the listview.
        Added listview font and size, for us older people :-)
        Updated help file

   BCXOLR Explorer 1.03e
       Added better Filtering.
       Added custom fonts / size
       Cut down on RAM usage, still too high but getting better
       Added Help File and menu item, also F1 (the Help file is a separate download)
       BCXOLR Explorer, template.tdb
       Added save so the code/message window can be saved
       Added Delete record - use at your own risk!
       Fixed bug in listview when user maximizes window     

   BCXOLR Explorer 1.06 Source code  Last update 1/31/12

   BCXOLR Help File 09/30/08

    BCXOLR Catalogue - Version 1.02 (15 December. 2008) make a BCXOLR compatible Catalog DB of all your BAS and INC Files.
    BCXOLR Catalogue_Souce Code -Source Code
      Need to know what programs used a function  or keyword, then this can find it fast.
     It will scan a folder and depending on what is checked, find all keywords .
     It can scan for routines, BCX keywords (457) and Windows API keywords(8475)
     Add this to the databases used by BCXOLR and a search will find the files using the search variables.
     The keyword files keywordsBCX.dat & keywordsWinAPI.dat can be customized easily, they are text files, 1 keyword per line.
     You can also run it in silent mode or from a shortcut, enabling you to scan from a schedule.
   More on BCXOLR Catalogue:

    SciLexer.zip - the dll and licence

    ReadMe.rtf - some notes Not included in the files above.

In 10k message DB's
Msgs1to10k.zip -Messages from day 1 to msg 9999 ZIP - 2.94mb
RAR - 2.18mb
7z - 1.96mb
Msgs10kto20k.zip -Messages from 10000 to msg 19999 ZIP - 2.99mb
RAR - 2.16mb
7z - 1.93mb
Msgs20kto30k.zip -Messages from 20,000 to msg 29,999 ZIP - 3.28mb
RAR - 2.38mb
7z - 2.12mb
Msgs30kto40k.zip -Messages from 30,000 to 40,000
ZIP - 2.85mb RAR- 2.11mb 7z - 1.88mb
Msgs40kto50k.zip -Messages from 40,000 to Present
ZIP -1009 kb
RAR - 775 kb
7z - 715 kb

Same as above but in 5k message DB's
Msgs1to5k.zip -Messages from day 1 to msg 4999 ZIP - 1.73mb
RAR - 1.24mb
7z - 1.12mb
Msgs5kto10k.zip -Messages from 4999 to msg 9999 ZIP - 1.46mb
RAR - 1.04mb
7z - 1.12mb
Msgs10kto15k.zip -Messages from 10000 to msg 14999 ZIP - 1.57mb
RAR - 1.12mb
7z - 1.02mb
Msgs15kto20k.zip -Messages from day 15.000 to msg 19,999
ZIP - 1.55mb RAR - 1.11mb
7z - 1.01mb
Msgs20kto25k.zip -Messages from day 20,000 to msg 24,999 ZIP - 1.71mb
RAR - 1.23mb
7z - 1.12mb
Msgs25kto30k.zip -Messages from day 24,000 to msg 29,999 ZIP - 1.67mb
RAR - 1.21mb
7z - 1.10mb
Msgs30kto40k.zip -Messages from day 30,000 to present - last update  9/7/09 ZIP - 2.85mb RAR- 2.11mb 7z - 1.88mb

GUI - last update 4/20/06 ZIP - 13kb
RAR - 12.1kb
7z - 11.1kb
WinCe- last update 2/27/06 ZIP - 8.2kb
RAR - 7.5kb
7z - 8.2kb
Console demos from BCX Help File - late update 4/20/06
ZIP - 39.2kb
RAR - 35.5kb
7z - 32.9kb
Miscellaneous Functions - last update 5/5/06 ZIP - 6.1kb
RAR - 5.4kb
7z - 4.9kb
All GUI WinCe & Misc. Snippets - last updated 1 /12/ 09
ZIP - 64kb
RAR - 54kb
7z - 49k

These snippets are mostly from the demo files, they come with no recourse to BCXOLR team members so use at your own risk.
                  Many of the snippets came from files that I had no easy way to discover the original author, so Author = Unknown.
                  If you wrote 1 of these snippets and want credit, we will do best efforts to add your name to the author field.
                  If you want it deleted from here we will delete from future databases (then again why post it in the 1st place).

       DB Template for your own snippets - in case you deleted the version in the zip file.

       YahooFileDir - DB of all the file names and descriptions in the Yahoo Files Section. Added 3-1-06
       Only the demos, BCX files, Help files and WIP are not included. - last update 3/1/06

If you would like to update your own message DB's I have a couple of programs I use.
You will need a dedicated POP3 email account to receive the messages, and have the Yahoo group send new messages to that email box.

    the BCXOLR team.

  BCX Home Page