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Mike Henning started this program in 2006, and I added some things until 2009.since then  there have been no changes and no complaints.

BMFD - A revised version of Mike Hennings BMFD

BMFD10310.zip - Everything from 3/12/09

BMFD10306Src.zip - latest Source code 1/10/09
Added RA_Grid skeleton to controls, yellow looking listbox icon at the bottom of the controls

BMFD10305.zip - latest version 1/5/09
BMFD.exe, Pal.bmp, BMFD_SaveAs_Dll.dll, Bas2BMFD.exe & ReadMe.rtf
No Source code

BMFD10305Src.zip - latest Source code 1/5/09
Added Colors to Mike Henning's original Save Bas
Added most of the bitmaps to the resource.
Added Cancel option to the Exit msgbox.

BMFD_SaveAs_DLL.zip  - Updated 1/10/09
added RA_Grid saves
PlugIn for BMFD, with various Import/Export enhanced routines.
Exports Fonts and Colors and Menus.
If Bas2BMFD.exe exists in the BMFD folder, a menu item will be created for it.
A couple of minor fixes, Changed menu name to Import/Export

Bas2BMFD.zip - Updated 12/29/08
Create a .bmf file from a Bas or Inc file to import to BMFD.
Source code for Bas2BMFD written mainly by Doyle Whisenant for BMFD.
Adds "Import Bas File" to the Import/Export plug-in.
Added ability to import Dialog code, and the Semi-Oop code that the Save As dll exports.

DEMO_testplugin.zip Using Wayne Haldorf's Method, write your own plugin

SavePlugin2.zip Another using Wayne Haldorf's Method