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ToasterA.zip - This is a timed msgbox, I saw this in B4A and wanted a BCX version. Handy for quick notifications without making the user click a msgbox.  9/17/14

BCX_raGridWrappers.zip - a start to some wrappers to make the raGrid easy to substitute for existing Listviews

MoveAnchorControl.zip - how to use anchors to resize a page. 4/10/2010
Note: Set compatibility to Win 8 for this to work properly.

BCX_MoveAnchor_Controls2.zip - a prettier version LOL
Note: Set compatibility to Win 8 for this to work properly.

TabAnchorTest4.bas - Tab Control demo with the new sizing code, with help from Mike Henning
Note: Set compatibility to Win 8 for this to work properly.

Splitter with anchors.zip - Resizing with anchors with a splitter control in a frame 5/25/2010
Note: Set compatibility to Win 8 for this to work properly.

          PoMansProgressbar.zip - Progress Bar using 2 labels and resize

          ListviewEdit.zip - Edit a listview cell in-situ

          shutdown.zip - Example to turn off the computer, I can't remember who did the original.

          vb2bcxgui.zip Updated version of  Terry R. Olsen 's original code, correctly interprets colors and fonts.

          Threadtest3.bas - my example of multi-threading, I can't remember who did the original.

          menumkr4b.zip  - A revised version of Doyle Whisenant's great MenuMaker code.

          test_form_in_a_DLL.zip - DLL code with a GUI

          Ians_SerialPortc.zip - This is a revised version of Mike Hennings serial code, I have used multiple ports at the same time :-)
         BCXOLR Catalogue Page - Catalog all your BCX Files Subs and Functions for use with BCXOLR 7/4/08
                 BCX_CatalogeSCR.zip (Source code)

          FastLexerDemo.bas  by Wayne Halsdorf, Use a faster DSplit function  with optional dynamic re-dimensioning of arrays'
            Bug fix for unclosed parentheses. 12/24/08

CleanFolder.zip  A utility to clean up all those annoying files that Compilers leave behind.
Can be set to send *.c, *.obj, *.res, *.cpp, *.O(gcc) , *.exp and user defined file extensions in a folder tree to the Recycle bin.
This can also be run from the Windows scheduler or Command line with either QUIET or NOSHOW to run without user intervention (uses last settings).  Not responsible for Deleted files!! Use with care.  12/28/08

SysMenuTest.zip - Using the system context menu that comes with the form title bar.  I've seen this used in a couple of programs to hide advanced settings from the average user.  I use it to add a language menu as this will not be used by the average user except 1 or 2 times.  4/5/2010

SQ16Lite3.bas function16 wrappers for unicode.

New BCX_Tray updates by myself, Wayne and Doyle.

Unicode_File_Demo.zip A demo of how I read & write files in unicode.

Semi-OOP code my version of Semi-Oop code.