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full BCX Source Code
by Kevin Diggins(MrBcx)

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by Kevin Diggins.

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Includes BCX source code, executable, XPstyle.res, and Build.bat.

50 KB Mar 20, 2009

Updated sample that dynamically skins an application by using Mike Henning's CreateRegion function. Also adds a 10% transparency to the skin.

This update embeds and plays the AVI directly from memory.

It's still a cool demo even after all these years !

116 KB
Jan 5, 2020

Nice demo by members of BCX group that includes a number of slide show effects.

208 KB Dec 15, 2004

source code and executables

Screen Shot Grabber is a handy tool that resides in your system tray ready to grab rectangular portions from most applications on your desktop. It is multi-monitor aware and includes some very cool effects and filtering features.

It allows you to place draggable copies of your screenshots on your desktop where you can move them around, resize them, make them transparent, and other cool and useful things. Think sticky notes with pictures.

150 KB
Nov 29, 2019

Very simple BCX project that uses the

RM Chart DLL.

80 KB Apr 10, 2005

Teeny Talker 1.3 by Kevin Diggins --

A free TEXT-TO-SPEECH program.

Lists all the voices installed on your PC.

Requires SAPI 5.x API which by the way comes installed on WinXP systems..


50 KB Nov 23, 2005

Extended BCX_COMBOBOX --

This control allows users to INSERT and DELETE entries from the ComboBox dynamically at runtime. Includes BCX Source Code, EXE, and build.bat

8 KB
Jun 4, 2005

Play animated gifs in your BCX programs without 3rd party DLLs !

Runs on Windows XP

68 KB
Mar 8, 2006

BCX_Tray ... updates by Wayne Halsdorf and MrBCX. Now uses simplified BCX GUI format .

7 KB
Sep 27, 2003

A BCX source code library of easy to use wrappers for calling most of the Windows Control Panel Applets directly from your program

5 KB
Mar 23, 2002

Updated example of a self-registering BCX Custom Control DLL and Test App. Enjoy!

36 KB
May 9, 2006


BCX source code for converting to and from Julian Dates

2 KB
Mar 23, 2002


BCX function that takes a decimal number and returns a best-fit, iteratively produced ratio

1 KB
Nov 29, 2003

DirWatch 1.2 -- Uses ReadDirectoryChangesW (Win32 API) to implement a Drive/folder watcher. BCX Source, Executable included. ENJOY!

15 KB
Apr 2, 2005


BCX code demonstrating how to tell if an application is running by looking at the applications title bar text.

1 KB
Apr 19, 2002


An EVAL function written in BCX -- not perfect but usable

9 KB
Dec 9, 2002

BCX string function to obtain a files
time and date stamp

4 KB
Apr 5, 2002


Updated BCX include file contain over 2 dozen easy to use, advanced HBITMAP functions.

127 KB
Aug 12, 2006

MS Excel finance functions (PV, FV, NP, PMT) written in and for BCX. All source code and samples included. You do not need EXCEL to use this code!

13 KB
Mar 23, 2002


BCX function for retrieving the names of special MS Window folders. Perhaps this function should be built into BCX?

12 KB
Aug 27, 2006


BCX Basic Source Code Indent Tool

4 KB
Nov 30, 2002

BrainF**k Interpreter by Richard D. Clark

11 KB
Feb 1, 2003

BCX Gui example showing how to create a password style inputbox

4 KB
Apr 12, 2002


MS-Excel compatible Probability & Statistics Related functions. Demonstrates how to use variadic functions (which are functions that take a variable number of arguments) using BCX.

5 KB
Oct 13, 2003

New Progress Bar that displays a user-controlled percentage

5 KB
Nov 19, 2003


Function that returns a Gaussian random number, given its MEAN and StDev.

1 KB
Jun 2, 2002



2 KB
Mar 29, 2002

A gui sample and a console mode sample that show off the new BCX Thread Commands that were introduced in BCX 3.99

8 KB
Aug 16, 2003


BCX compatible, complete listing of virtual keys (VK_) constants with remarks.

10 KB
Nov 29, 2003


New console mode TOUCH utility. Supports wildcards, quoted long file names, and other goodies. Enjoy.

3 KB
Nov 8, 2003

EZ to follow sample by DL that shows how to implement XP visual styles in your BCX programs.

8 KB
Oct 27, 2003

Demonstrates how easy to create a alpha blended form using XP and BCX

4 KB
Jul 6, 2004