Author Topic: BCX v7.8.6 is available for download  (Read 278 times)


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BCX v7.8.6 is available for download
« on: May 08, 2022, 02:08:12 PM »
Hello Friends,

This update fixes some issues and adds some capabilities to BCX.


2022/05/08       Changes in 7.8.6 from 7.8.5
Ian Casey      : Reported a PRINT bug. MrBcx found (int)strlen was the root cause.    (Fixed)

Robert Wishlaw : Reported "off-by-one" error in LINE INPUT truncation detection code. (Fixed)

James Fuller   : Requested more Lcc-Win32 suppression when emitting C++ files.        (Fixed)

James Fuller   : Posted bug report for "METHOD" & "PROPERTY" translations.            (Fixed)

Robert Wishlaw : Enhanced the LINE INPUT truncation warning by displaying its datafile name.

Kevin Diggins  : BCX now allows using built-in BCX functions when used inside of C++ CLASSES.
                 CLASSES can also use USER-DEFINED SUBS and FUNCTIONS, as long as those are
                 contained within the CLASS (scope restrictions in effect). These improvements
                 were achieved, in part, by rearranging certain sections of the resulting C++
                 file, making them legally in scope with user-defined C++ classes.

Kevin Diggins  : Added PROPSET AND PROPGET. BCX translates PROPGET to "FUNCTION" when used in
                 a C++ class. Similarly, BCX translates PROPERTY and PROPSET to "SUB" when
                 used in a C++ class.

Kevin Diggins  : This version of BCX translates, compiles, and was tested using the current
                 MSVC++(2022), Clang v14, Mingw v12(Beta), Embarcadero C++ (7.5),
                 Pelles C v11 and the final release of Lcc-Win32 (2016).

Kevin Diggins  : Ongoing formatting improvements to the source, output and runtime code 

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Re: BCX v7.8.6 is available for download
« Reply #1 on: May 10, 2022, 02:34:27 AM »
Thanks alot.