Author Topic: BCX v7.9.5 is available for download  (Read 207 times)


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BCX v7.9.5 is available for download
« on: September 10, 2022, 09:13:01 AM »
Hello Friends,

Here is BCX 7.9.5. 

Robert Wishlaw prompted me to take another look my 7.9.4 bug fix. 
This version improves on what I tried to accomplish. Most users likely don't
need to download this update but I wanted to put it out before any other
changes are made to BCX that might cloud the importance of this change.


2022/09/10       Changes in 7.9.5 from 7.9.4
Kevin Diggins  : Restored LPSTR test in internal function Im_UDT_String() and added a new
                 transform that better distinguishes between pointer and string expressions.
                 Im_UDT_String() is important for identifying string variables without "$"