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New Rig Part 2
« on: November 14, 2020, 05:29:47 PM »
  A second attempt at a new BCX coding rig. I love my Dell XPS8900 but it has 4 years worth of multi-language garbage strewn all over and I am very bad at cleaning the place up. I looked for a stock DELL but I really didn't want to spend another grand so I went to ebay and spent it there :)

  A complete success with the new computer set up. Yeah Right. Purchased from an ebay seller Magic Micro. It came double boxed with lots of tape and strange corrugated paper/cardboard packing. I Needed to open both ends of the inner shipping box to get it to slide out.
No instructions of any kind but a very nice thank you note with a phone number if I had any problems.
I still need to request what is actually in the case. You start with a bare bones configuration and add items.
I did not write down what I actually picked and I could not find a listing of what I picked.
Ok. I got all the cables hooked up. I have a kvm plus I have a dual monitor setup.
Turn on the power, a bios/motherboard identity  screen comes up, a window pops up for about 3secs with a windows boot selection and then both monitors go to black. I wait about 10-15 minutes in case windows is doing something I can't see. I hit the reset button and it reboots. I select the bios config when offered this time, look around and then exit. It reboots. This time windows does come up and I start the process of answering all the questions.
I go to personalize and it says I can't do that because Windows has not been activated. I poke around for a while and am happy I can see the other computers on my network. I Need activation.
I copied the windows product key from this teeny-weeny label on the case and tried activating using that. Nope would not accept that. Ran the trouble shooter a couple of times and it was no help. It suggested help from a real live person at Microsoft. I gave it my phone number and in less than 30 seconds my (land line)phone rang. ( well it's not really a ring any more is it. What would you call it now?). After a little bit of small talk with a bot I did get a real person. At my age I have a bit of a hearing problem, especially female voices, and I don't do accents very well. So who do I get but a very nice Pakistani or Indian lady. She talked too fast but that didn't rally mean anything because I could not understand a word. I did get her to slow down a bit and I grabbed a word or two here and there. I made her repeat just about everything two or three times. We went down the same road I did with the Windows trouble shooter app. I gave her my product code and still no satisfaction. Some more jabbering I couldn't make out then I guess she finally had it with me and told me to call back and hung up.

I installed a couple apps and got BcxAdp up and running but I still wanted activation!! I tried the product code again and again a fail. I checked for the forth or fifth time the product code and DUH!!! The first letter I had mistaken for an X but it was a K. Tried again and yeah it worked.

I am very pleased so far. Cut a whole 3 seconds off my XPS8900 time building a new bc.exe.



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Re: New Rig Part 2
« Reply #1 on: November 15, 2020, 12:00:25 AM »
A big thumbs up on your new rig!

It is incredible how many great Dell user/workstation/data center servers are available for cheap these days. I have lost count at how many Dell servers I built and deployed during my IT career. Although HP/Compaq and IBM make good hardware, Dell somehow came from behind and captured the market in their hardware segment.