BCX is an open source, freeware project that I (Kevin Diggins) started developing in June 1999. It was originally coded in PowerBasic for DOS. The BCX translator has matured much since then and is now written entirely in itself, making it a self-translating translator and is capable of being compiled to 32-bit (typical) or 64-bit executables.

BCX author, Kevin Diggins

BCX will continue to improve through the generous and talented contributions of its users.

I'd like to acknowledge the generous support of Jeff Shollenberger for hosting BcxBasicCoders.Com starting in 2019, twenty years after BCX's inception.

The former volunteers below were especially instrumental in advancing BCX over the years:

Mike Henning -- Source Code Maintainer
Wayne Halsdorf -- Source Code Maintainer
Ljubisa Knezevic -- Built-in COM statements
Robert Wishlaw -- BCX Help File updates

And a big THANK YOU to everyone participating in the BCX group over the years at

Please visit

for more information and Kevin Diggins' distribution package of the BCX translator.